Connecting fine art with Global Goals
A new project every month
Every month Looq conributes to a new project in either Africa, Asia or South America to fight hunger, create jobs and strenghten equality.
Currently in Malawi: FEBCO is an association of entrepreneurs. Their goal is to install solar power in Malawi. Nancy Chaima sells the solar power solution in her local area to 60 school teachers in 20 schools. Nancy wants to use the profits to expand with employees.
Looq supports the UN Global Goals on the picture you see Crown Princess Mary of Denmark raising a flag for Goal 5, Gender Equality.
Uniquely suited projects to the high standards of the UN Global Goals
Looq is very proud of the projects below, which have been established in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct and UN principles.
Compliance Sheet
Ha Thi Nga, 2019
Luong Thi Thuyen, 2019
Luong Thi Thiep, 2019
Bui Thi Ngan, 2019
Ha Thi Thuy, 2019
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